Aluminum Patio Door

The AL-796 sliding patio door is constructed with an insulated aluminum frame and four horizontal extruded aluminum sliding panels, each is equipped with double rollers. It can also be configured with a combination of fixed and operable panels.

Characteristics & Benefits

Our all-aluminum patio doors come with the following features:

  • 7 ½ ” or 8 ½” frame
  • 1” or 2” PVC thermal barrier
  • Silicone wool felt weatherstipping
  • Dual sealed units with two 3 mm or 4 mm clear glass panes for a total exterior thickness of 17.5 mm and two 4 mm tempered glass panes
  • Interior and exterior panels operate on nylon-coated ball bearings
  • Frame (jamb, head and sill) equipped with built-in tracks – upper sash section slides between the frame head tracks
  • Aluminum door handles installed on the inside of the interior and exterior panels
  • Roller-operated extruded aluminum sliding screen – lock with integrated pull and extruded fly mazes fitted on the screen jambs

Optional features

  • 1 1⁄16’’ brickmould – at the head and the jambs
  • 2 5⁄8”, 1 7⁄8” and 7⁄8” exterior frame extender – at the head and the jambs
  • Uninstalled 5’’ sill flashing
  • Drywall return – at the head and the jambs
  • 1 7⁄8” and 7⁄8” interior frame extender – at the head and the jambs
  • PVC-clad fingerjointed or clear pine jamb extension measuring up to 8 3⁄8” – at the head and the jambs


Our all-aluminum patio doors are very popular for condos and elevated housing units.


        U factor1 Energy Rating1 NAFS2
    Aluminum Patio Door Dual Glaze 1,76 31 PP – Class LC PG30 2438mm x 2438mm (96” x 96”)
      Triple Glaze 1,36 39 PP – Class LC PG30 2438mm x 2438mm (96” x 96”)

    Standard Colours

    The standard colours for this patio door are black, brown or white on the outside, and white on the inside. Custom colours also available. The colours shown may differ from actual colours and should only be used for project purposes.




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