B-45 Aluminum Casement / Awning Window (Exterior Opening)

Combining elegance and perfectly proportioned lines, these casement and awning windows offer today’s technology in a timeless design. A high-end window, the B-45 aluminum series features a contemporary outward-opening casement and awning that can be combined with contemporary fixed units.

Characteristics & Benefits

The B-45 all alluminum windows come with the following features:

  • 5 1⁄2 ” extruded aluminum tubular frame
  • Contemporary sash
  • Rain screen system integrated into the sash
  • Triple weatherstripping for maximum air tightness
  • Multiple air chambers
  • Recessed handle
  • Fixed rivet multipoint bar for better performance
  • Reinforced double-arm operator for sashes larger than 22”

Available as Awning

Similar to casement windows, awning windows can be opened even on rainy days.


    • 2 5⁄8”, 1 7⁄8”, or 7⁄8” exterior frame extender
    • 1 1⁄16” brickmould
    • Interior and exterior weephole cover
    • 5”, 4 1⁄4”, 3 1⁄4”, or 2 1⁄4” sill
    • 1 7⁄8” or 7⁄8” interior insertion
    • Drywall return
    • PVC-clad fingerjointed or clear pine jamb extension measuring up to 8 3⁄8”
    • Double or triple glazing options


        U factor1 Energy Rating1 NAFS2
    Operator casement Dual Glaze 1,65 30 B Casement – Class CW PG50 915mm x 1830mm (36” x 72”)
      Triple Glaze 1,19 35 B Awning – Class CW PG65 1200mm x 1126mm (48” x 44”)
    Fixed casement Dual Glaze 1,70 37 PF – Class CW PG70 2000mm x 2000mm (79” x 79”)
      Triple Glaze 1,25 44 GF – Class CW PG90 2000mm x 2000mm (79” x 79”)
    (1) Ratings based on Cardinal IG (Dual LoE180 #3, Triple LoE180 #3-5) (2) Harmonized North American Fenestration Standard AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/1.S.2/A440-11

    Aluminum Standard Colours

    Here are our exterior aluminum standard colours. Inside standard colour is white. Custom colours also available. The colours shown may differ from actual colours and should only be used for project purposes.

    Commercial Brown



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