Melodium Hybrid Casement Windows

With its unique design and superior glazing, the Melodium lets more light into your home to provide you with stunning views of the world outside. Having combined the two most popular materials in the window world, the hybrid window is the perfect answer to all architectural applications.

Characteristics & Benefits

The Melodium hybrid windows come with the following features:

  • 5’’, 5 5/16” and 6 9/16” rigid multi-chamber PVC fusion welded frames with extruded aluminum exterior
  • The welded PVC sash with aluminum extrusion is located well inside the warm portion of the wall
  • Sash opens 90° for easy cleaning from inside
  • Structural assembly and integrated brickmould improve water tightness
  • Warm-edge glazing unit
  • Multipoint locking mechanism
  • Standard overlap screen

Optional features

  • High-performance glass
  • Virtually unlimited grille and SDL patterns
  • Various brickmould options
  • Selection of jamb extensions
  • Wide array of colours (interior and exterior)
  • Stainless steel hardware


Multipoint locking hardware provides desirable aesthetics and a more consistent seal with the frame. Alweather’s locking systems pass the toughest forced-entry tests, giving you increased security and peace of mind. Options are available to add laminated glass. In addition, for extreme situations, stainless steel reinforcement can be added to sash profiles. We can recommend a solution to any challenging environment.


        U factor1 Energy Rating1 NAFS2
    Operator Casement Dual Glaze 1,53 34 Class R PG70 C 699 x 1598 (28 x 63)
    Fixed casement Dual Glaze 1,53 39 Class CW PG80 FW 1600 x 1600 (63 x63)
    (1) Ratings based on Cardinal IG (Dual LoE180 #2) (2) Harmonized North American Fenestration Standard AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/1.S.2/A440-11

    Standard Hybrid Window Colours

    Here are our aluminum standard colours. Custom colours also available. The colours shown may differ from actual colours and should only be used for project purposes.

    Commercial Brown


    Wood Grey




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